About The Religious Society of Witches

The Society of Witches is distinguished by our unique mission and philosophy of working together to expand and enhance the development of our own intellectual awareness of the energies and forces around us, while recognizing the common bonds that link each of us with the world in which we live, and our individual and collective exploration of how we can make a positive difference in our own lives and the lives of others through our thoughts and actions. 

We are a group of people who share genuine curiosity. From diverse backgrounds, careers and avocations, we have interests in many things, and enjoy a variety of pastimes, but we have found, through our experiences, that there is more to life than meets the eye, and we are curious about the world around us, and the energies we feel. 

Together, we explore life and draw from the deep well of experience and information amassed and left for us by our ancestors, coupling our reverence for history with with a love and fascination with the ever advancing world of science, technology and research, to enhance our quest for a knowledge based, yet practical approach to facing the necessities of day to day living. Exploration and questioning are an integral part of our lives, and we accept little at face value. 

Recognizing the power of our minds to both gather and process energies and experiences, we work towards a common goal of increased awareness and personal growth, while respecting ourselves, each other, and the world in which we live. 

We work to help each other learn and benefit from sharing information, knowledge and philosophy. Education and awareness gained through magical experience is an important part of our mission, but we truly believe all we have learned or know is open to all who are curious, and come in peace. To share is exactly that; to be shared in the interest of mutual benefit. 

We aren’t in the business of selling information, rather, in providing it and, of course, advancing our collective knowledge. Education with experience creates a spiritual environment that encourages life-long scholarship, and we genuinely enjoy discovery of new things and exploration of intriguing ideas and concepts. 

We meet for many purposes: learning, celebrating, investigating, exploring and helping. 

If you are curious to learn more about the incredible and amazing things we are doing together, please contact us. We’d love to invite you to join us in our journey, and all who come in peace are welcome. 

©The Religious Society of Witches, 2015

Principles of the Religious Society of Witches

There exists a spiritual energy of the Divine within each of us, which we call the Inner Light, and in all things, which we call the Universal Light or Spirit, and which joins and binds us all in a Collective Construct, now and forever. This is the Transmigration of Souls. 

Simplicity, pacifism and inner revelation are the foundation of religion, not the acceptance of specific beliefs or engaging in certain practices; it is each person’s direct experience with the Divine. 

All persons have inherent worth, independent of their race, age, nationality, education, religion, sexuality or wealth. Opposition to intolerance, ignorance or destructive behavior comes from the Inner Light. 

Slowing Down allows one to see the Inner Light, the Universal Light or Spirit, and continuous revelation through seeking is the means of spiritual growth. Seeing the Light becomes tangible, and this is known as the Perfect Light. 

Seeking the Will of the Divine through the guide of Spirit to resolve differences and seek unity. The Unity of Meeting lies more in the Unity of the Search than in the decisions reached, resolutions declared, or actions taken. Sometimes the strongest actions are those of greatest restraint, and knowing when the congregation has moved is the act of Spirit. This is known as Perfect Trust. 

Learned that compassion and protection are the favors of the Divine, the effortless dispensation is known as Grace. 

Speaking is brought by the Inner Light. This is also know as free worship based on silent waiting, this is the baptism in Spirit. Free to take advantage of scientific and philosophical findings, peace comes through the love of questions more than the satisfaction of answers. 

Virtue of moral purity, integrity, honesty, simplicity and humility distinguish the depth of self respect, respect for others, for all creation and our reverence for the majesty of the Universe. 

All aspects of life are sacramental, and no single day, place, time, or activity, is any more sacred than others. Recognition of Love and Goodness, along with concern for the suffering and unfortunate, compel us to make a positive impact during our life and leave the world a better place than how we found it. This is known as Perfect Love. 

Meetings are congregation to commune in the Universal Light, conducted in a circle, each person is aware of everyone else, yet no person is raised above another, exemplary of the Priesthood of All Persons. The meetings may be programmed, meaning for for a particular purpose, be it celebration, grief, resolution, reflection or aspiration, and they may be held in silence, or as moved, attendees speak. This is also know as free worship based on silent waiting, but the Slowing Down is fundamental to all workings, this is the baptism in Spirit. 

Oaths are never taken, nor asked, for there is only One Truth, but Many Truths, and to suggest otherwise implies there is one life for one day, and a different life for a special day. The Truth is for All Times. 

Within All is the Higher Power, the All is the Higher Power, and we are All. 

© The Religious Society of Witches, 2015

Meet our team

  • Kip Ellis
    Kip EllisCo-Founder
    Kip Ellis began his magical explorations as a child in the 1960’s, mixing “potions” and making wands from the many plants in his grandmother’s garden, and as a steadfast listener to her many stories of spirit visitations and life in haunted houses.

    While in College in the 1980’s, Kip purchased his first Tarot deck and read scholarly books on the role of imagination and dream symbolism in the human psyche.  However, it wasn’t until 2005 when he wandered into Laurie Cabot’s shop The Cat, The Crow and The Crown, and purchased her book “The Power of the Witch” that his formal training in witchcraft began.  Kip began his studies with Laurie Cabot, along with Anthony and Marie Guerriero, who had joined their “Witches Path” group with the Cabot Tradition at that time.  Ultimately, though the Guerriero’s moved on with their own endeavors, Kip continued to study with Laurie and  was initiated as a High Priest in the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft in October of 2008.

    Beginning in 2010, he voluntarily gathered Laurie’s Cabot’s instructional methodologies, techniques and meditations developed and taught since the 1970’s by Laurie as “Witchcraft 1, the Science of Witchcraft”, and with her approval, created a “Teacher’s Manual” to preserve, for posterity, the focused, interpretive application of the Silva Method at the core of the Cabot Tradition Witchcraft  practice, serving as a guidebook for those authorized by Laurie to teach the introductory course in the Tradition.  Kip was among the first persons Laurie authorized to teach “Witchcraft 1 as a Science 1st Degree” in September 2011, after demonstrated proof of his abilities to use Alpha meditation to gather detailed information on remote subjects.

    However, Kip’s magical pedigree includes other organizations, as he was an active member of the Circle of the Sacred Thyrsus from 2007, a closed gay men’s magical group that was a self governed organization focused on both teaching and sharing magical experiences among members and founded by Christopher Penczak, until the group disbanded in 2012.Informally, Kip has studied various theories and approaches to Witchcraft, and considered viewpoints of many authors.  He has a personal interest in many aspects of the practice of “Magick”, including Ceremonial Magick, Stregheria, the fusion of early English with ancient Egyptian and Hebraic Magicks, and of course, Hermetic philosophy, the underpinning of much of our western occult traditions.

    His more recent work however, has focused on exploring the role of Spirit energy, and the common bonds that develop among people who share magical practice as well as spiritual connection. This curiosity prompted he and John Nickerson, Jr. to co-found in 2013
    “The Religious Society of Witches”, a Spiritual organization formed to explore and enhance the ancient practice of Witchcraft and the use of Magic as an integral part of the contemporary life experience.
    • John Nickerson Jr.
      John Nickerson Jr.Co-Founder

      Although his early childhood exposed him to Catholicism, John was always interested in Magick. Curious about many aspects of the Practice which came naturally to him, his explorations and quest to learn more were often concealed or otherwise kept private.

      Over the years, however, with increasing experience and knowledge, John began a more formalized approach to studying the the practice of Witchcraft through the structure of a Tradition based educational program, studying a type of Celtic Witchcraft as taught by Laurie Cabot, having reached the level of High Priest in the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple. in addition, he was trained by Laurie to professionally use the tarot as a form of Psychic Divination.

      However, his focus and interests are not fixed on any neo-pagan or celtic revivalism, but rather, encompass a broad ranging approach to the Craft of the Wise. For example, curious about the relationship and use of the ancient Egyptian Deity system, the structural associations of planetary and angelic forces, as well as the interviewing of ancient practices with 19th century costuming and celebration prompted his involvement with Ceremonial Majick, and having been involved for just under a year with a group who were interested in exploring the Golden Dawn tradition.

      Practical, folk based magic, especially Hoodoo (not to be confused with the religion Voodoo) is also an interest of John’s, especially in regard to the instantaneous and uncomplicated link between will and manifestation. He is also schooled in Strega and recognized as a Priest with another the well known and respected Lori Bruno.

      In co-founding the Religious Society of Witches, John wished to provide a more open and adaptable approach to the study of Magick that is sometimes at odds with the structure and order of conventional, 20th century Traditions and is always eager and ready to explore the many forms of practice in a context that is supportive, healthy and helpful to others, and would help to bring the practice of Witchcraft into the 21st century.

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